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Why You Should Eat Eggplant?

Eggplant or brinjal (Solanum melongena) is the eggplant fruit crops are often used as vegetables. This plant family with potatoes. Region of origin is India and SriLanka. Eggplant fruit has a variety of colors, ranging from purple, blue, green and white.

Eggplant is rich in benefits. Plants that originated in India can be easily found around us. In addition to its high fiber and vitamin B-its rich, eggplant also contains minerals such as magnesium and manganese. Color purple eggplant contains anthocyanins that can prevent high blood pressure and hepatosis (vitamin E deficiency disease). Anthocyanins can also improve vision at night. Eggplant is also beneficial to reduce fat and cholesterol and lower the blood sugar in our body. Eggplant extracts can inhibit the enzyme cause type 2 diabetes.

In many countries, the eggplant is often used as traditional medicine for various diseases such as nervous, nervous spasms and convulsions due to content of strychnine, scopolamine, scopoletin, and skoparon present in eggplant fruit. In addition, tterong also used to cure epilepsy.

This fruit can also treat diseases such as measles, chicken pox, alcohol dependence and burns. Eggplant is dried in Korea is often used to treat diseases such as rheumatism, lumbago and stiff hips.

Eggplant used as juice can reduce damage to cells with chromosomal aberrations sign of cancer. Content trypsin in eggplant against invading substances believed to trigger cancer. Eggplant fruit is very good for reducing cancer risk.

For those of you who are still hesitant in taking eggplant start to familiarize yourself with this fruit. The benefits of rich eggplant excellent diet to supplement your healthy diet. If you are confused how to consume this fruit, eggplant fruit is often processed as usual vegetables. As in clear, sauteed or a complementary sauce. So do not hesitate to consume eggplant.

Vegetables purple one is a vegetable that you should enter into your diet. Maybe some of you do not really like to eat eggplant because it feels so good to eat.

However, for reasons of health benefits of eggplant is very remarkable. I myself do not particularly like eggplant but after knowing the benefits, then I began to eat it :).

Eggplant is rich in minerals and nutrients that are very beneficial for our health. To be more clear let's look at some of the health benefits of eggplant.

Rich in Fiber
We all know that fiber is very important for our body because it helps facilitate digestion and defecation. This is one of the benefits of eggplant is quite good as fiber content in eggplant about 2 grams.

Did you know that the eggplant also has benefits for your skin? Eggplant can help moisturize your skin from within. So for those of you who have dry skin may be the consumption of eggplant to help overcome them.

Lose Weight
Well he is the most preferred eggplant benefits a lot of people that can help you lose weight. Why Can?? Of course, since fiber in eggplant can make us hungry easy and helps speed up the metabolism.

In addition, eggplant can help in the fat burning process in the body, so for those of you who feel a lot of fat let's start now trying to eat eggplant.

In eggplant also found there are elements called nasunin. This element could help overcome the cells - cancer cells in the body. So the more you consume the eggplant, the less likely you are affected by cancer. Eggplant is very good against colon cancer.

Brain Food
Phytonutrients found in eggplant may help the development of our brains and protects cell membranes from various damages. For those of you who have children and if you want your child's brain is more active, then try entering the eggplant into their vegetables.
Heart Health

Eggplant also proved to have good benefit to the heart. Eggplant can reduce cholesterol that are on the walls of the arteries and blood vessel walls so that blood flow becomes smooth. Eggplant is also known as one of the foods that are healthy for the heart.

High-fiber foods such as low-carb eggplant and also very good for diabetics. The results showed that, if we eat eggplant sugar levels regularly then we will also decrease and stabilize. So especially diabetics you try to prove yourself.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ingredients and Benefits of Ginger for Health

Although it is common ginger utilized as a complementary spice seasoning. However, ginger is also very trend among the public for use as a beverage body warmers. For the spicy taste of ginger is very powerful to make the body becomes warm. Besides the typical spicy flavor makes a delicious taste sensation on the tongue and distinctive. Yes .. although there are some people who like hell .. with this spicy taste. Generally well as the consumption of ginger in relieving drugs colds and as an herbal medicine that works to overcome some health penggangu disease. Once the ginger trend among people, triggering the producers of food products and beverages to create a product that taste like ginger.

Ginger is the scientific name Zingiber officinale, is a rhizome plant that is very commonly used as a spice and medicinal materials. Rhizome fingers shaped bulge in the middle sections. Spicy taste of ginger caused by compounds called ketones zingeron. Ginger including interest Zingiberaceae (meet-ings). The scientific name given by William Roxburgh ginger from the Greek word zingiberi, from Sanskrit, singaberi. (Source: Wikipedia)

However, today many people know ginger merely relievers and cold dishes supplementary materials only. Though ginger actually has many properties that can nourish the body. Because ginger contains many substances - substances that are good for the body. Here I describe the content contained in ginger and usefulness to the body.

Ingredients Ginger
Essential oils zingiberena (zingirona), zingiberol, bisabolena, kurkumen, gingerol, filandrena and bitter resin.

Efficacy of Ginger for Health
- Lowering blood pressure (hypertension). This is because ginger stimulates the release of adrenaline and widens blood vessels, resulting in blood flow more quickly and smoothly and lighten the heart pumps blood.
- Helps digestion, because ginger contains digestive enzymes protease and lipase, which digests each protein and fat.
- Prevents blockage of blood vessels. Gingerol in ginger are anticoagulants, which prevent blood clotting. So to prevent blockage of the blood vessels, a major cause of stroke, and heart attack.
- Prevent nausea, because ginger can block serotonin, a chemical that can cause the stomach to contract, causing nausea. Including nausea caused by motion sickness.
- Create a comfortable stomach, relieve stomach cramps and helps remove the wind.
- Neutralize free radicals. Ginger also contains antioxidants that help neutralize the damaging effects caused by free radicals in the body.
- A natural pain reliever and can relieve arthritic pain, headaches, and migraines. The trick, ginger drink 3 times a day. Can also take rounds wedang, ginger candy, ginger or add time to the soup, stew, or rendang.
- Leaves ginger is also efficacious as a compress on headache medicine and can be sprinkled into the faces of people who are shivering. The trick to the ground and given little water can be used as a compress on headache medicine and can be sprinkled into the faces of people who are shivering.
- Strengthen digestion and expel gas in it, treating a swollen liver, cough and fever. You do this by mashing ginger and boil in boiling water for about ½ hour, then drink the water.
- Treating arthritis. Prepare 1 or 2 ginger rhizome. Heat the rhizome above the fire or coals and then ground. Ginger paste impact on the body of arthritic pain. Another way is dengam mashing with cloves, and pasted on the body of rheumatism.
- Treating wounds abrasions, sharp objects stabbed, hit by spikes, falls, and snake bites. How red ginger crushed and added a little salt. Put on the injured body part.
- Treating itching due to insect stings. You do this by mashing and rhizomes are used as a liniment.
- Treat poisonous snake bite wound. You do this by mashing ginger and a little salt, then placed on a poisonous snake bite wound (just as first aid before the patient was taken to the doctor).

Ginger is not only used as a spice in cooking, but also used as a herbal ingredient for a powerful medical benefits to overcome colds. In the rainy season or in the transitional period of extreme weather, do not forget to prepare the house ginger.

Not only for the Flu alone, ginger can also be used as a drink to restore stamina, a glass of warm ginger is enough to refresh the condition of the body drop, no one is why there are many products that combine ginger drink the drink. For example milk ginger, ginger coffee, ginger tea and others.

If we need a remedy for colds, fevers, digestive problems, and sore throat, it could not hurt to try this treatment at home. Ginger is a solid choice for most first response to the flu. Here's an overview of how to cultivate ginger and ginger into a nutritious drink to overcome the flu and other ailments.

Ginger tea for a sore throat
Pain in the throat is a symptom that needs ditanggulagi flu before menjai worse. If our throat felt dry, itchy and sore for a while, then the ginger tea is the best drink to prevent throat infections.

To get the benefits of ginger tea mixture and grated ginger in segelash hot / warm. It will help soothe a sore throat, and relieve headaches.

Cultivate Ginger and honey
Another effective prescription for the flu is ginger and honey. How to make it young enough, take a piece of ginger, chew with a spoonful of honey. This recipe will help relieve cough and flu. In fact, the recipe is a quick solution for the cough.

Cultivate a drink ginger juice
Treatment of ginger is also very good for digestion. How, we can make out of one spoon of ginger juice, with a little pepper or Ajwain after eating. This recipe can help with digestive problems in digesting food, especially if you've eaten a heavy meal or eat too much.

Ginger paste to overcome arthritis
Ginger is very potensian as an anti-inflammatory. If we have a painful diseases such as arthritis, then home remedies such as ginger, chances are very effective for us. Make a paste of ginger and turmeric oil. Apply joint swelling or pain. The nature of the anti-inflammatory ginger will help ease the pain.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recipe Herb Leaf and Papaya Fruit for Beauty & Health

Papaya leaf known to many as the bitterness that is rich in benefits, while the fruit is best eaten as rich in vitamins that are needed to get a beautiful appearance.

How not, papaya fruit, as that will be delivered through the post, not just being a tasty food made of vegetables, or taken and the benefits for beauty and health. However, now one of bioorganic fertilizer. This means that the content of papaya extract not only provide benefits to human life, but also to plants.

A scientific research instead announced that Dauh extracted and menjad papaya papaya leaf tea may treat cancer. Researchers at the University of Florida, Nam Dang and colleagues in Japan, in a report published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, documented papaya anticancer effect against tumors of the cervix, breast, liver, lung and pancreas. The researchers used an extract made from dried papaya leaves, and the effect is stronger when cells received larger doses of papaya leaf tea.

Begitulan scientific benefits of papaya leaves. Here we will provide information about the benefits of papaya leaves for health and beauty as well as the experiences or traditional. Happy listening.

Extract the content of substances (Nutrition and Nutrition) Papaya Leaf

Papaya Leaf contains a variety of substances, such as: vitamin A 18 250 SI, vitamin B1 0.15 mg, vitamin C 140 mg, 79 cal calories, 8.0 grams protein, 2 grams fat, 11.9 grams Charcoal hydrate, calcium 353 mg, 63 mg phosphorus, 0.8 mg iron, 75.4 grams of water, papayotin, kautsyuk, karpain, karposit.

One of the substances contained in papaya by researchers studied for use as a fertilizer organic papaya papaya leaf contains the active ingredient "Papain", so effective for the control of caterpillars and sucking pests.

Papaya Leaf Benefits for Beauty
Benefits of papaya for skin beauty
Levels of vitamin C in papaya is 48 times that of apples. Coupled with the ability to digest papaya enzyme, can quickly remove the toxins in the body, it is very good for the freshness of the skin from within. Papaya enzymes contained in it can encourage the skin metabolism, helps melt the layers of skin aging and substance horns buried in the pores, making the skin look brighter and brighter. Stars recommended: in the land of Miss Universe, Venezuela, where the skin of the miss Universe has always looked so bright and full of vitality. According to the evidence, all of this is because they are very skilled at using papaya for skin care. For example, a mask of papaya mixed peaches.

Recipe ingredients: papaya fruit and peach skin removed, then ground thickens, then mixed with juice (orange) lemon and honey.

This papaya leaf slimming
Papaya fruit has properties attenuate body. With diligent in taking papaya enzyme can generate double the ripe papaya. Well, these enzymes act as decomposers of fat in our bodies. These enzymes also break down proteins better and eliminate excess flesh.

Carica papaya is excellent for breast firming

Papaya in trust by our ancestors long ago as the fruit that can tighten the breast. The enzyme in the papaya fruit can help breast growth so that more toned and supple. Papaya is also enriched with vitamin A and fasteners hormone that stimulates female hormone spending and stimulate the ovaries secrete the female hormones.

Of the mammary gland hormones will be smooth and the ideal breast shape.

Benefits for young papaya leaves
Levels of vitamin C in papaya is 48 times that of apples!. Papaya is also active as a detoxification so that it can refresh the skin from within. Papaya can also encourage the skin metabolism. Papaya is also a good melt the layers of skin aging and substance horns arising dipori pores making the skin firmer and brighter. So, from now diligent, industrious just wear masks or facial papaya papaya fruit.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Health
Here are some benefits of Papaya Leaf for our bodies:

As an acne medicine.
For those of you who feel less confident with acne on the face, papaya is the solution, you can make as papaya face mask.

Recipe ingredients: take 2-3 papaya leaves old. then dry in the sun until wilted then puree. Add one and a half tablespoons of water. Then use a regular mask until your acne disappear.

Streamlining human breast milk.
Remedy Recipes: How to take 3 pieces of papaya leaves, squeeze the leaves put over a flame until wilted, when it was warm daunya immediately put on the breast round, except the nipple.

Benefits of papaya to aid digestion. Papaya leaf contains karpain. These substances are useful to kill the microorganisms that interfere with human digestion.

Carica papaya was the solution decreased appetite.
Papaya leaves can be used as an appetite enhancer, for those of you that are difficult to eat.

Recipe ingredients: take a fresh papaya leaves are the size of the palm of your hand, add salt and half a cup of warm water. Then Blend all ingredients, then strain add honey 2 tablespoons stir and drink in warm.

Papaya leaf to treat the symptoms of dengue fever.
Believe it useful not believe papaya treat symptoms of dengue fever, you would not expect.

Recipe ingredients: ambillahl 5 pieces of papaya leaves, then add half a liter of water and boil until only three quarters of it and add a little salt, honey 2 sd. Then drink while still warm, drink 3 times a day to make your fever cured.

Papaya leaf treat menstrual pain.
When times past many women who use papaya to treat pain during menstruation.

Recipe ingredients: Take one young leaves, add tamarind and salt. Then mix with a glass of water and boil. take the water and add 2 tablespoons honey stir. after a cold drink.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Benefits of Basil Leaves for Health

Benefits of basil leaves, often known only to add to the joy of cooking or maybe just limited to vegetables. Basil or Ocimum save a lot of benefits beyond good taste and fragrance.

While in Europe, basil is often used for various medicinal. Basil essential oil is refined and taken. Because basil essential oil is widely used as an ingredient mix for the manufacture of drugs or treatments such as soaps, prickly perfume, body lotion, ointment, throat lozenges, and aromatherapy oils. For the benefit of knowing the benefits of basil is more detail, see the description continues below:

The content or nutritional composition per 10 gram on basil:
Substance Nutrition - Levels
- Energy (kcal) - 46
- Protein (g) - 4.0
- Fat (g) - 0.5
- Carbohydrate (g) - 8.9
- Calcium (mg) - 45
- Phosphorus (mg) - 75
- Iron (mg) - 2
- Vitamin A (RE) - 750
- Vitamin B (mg) - 0.08
- Vitamin C (mg) - 50
- Water (g) - 85

Benefits of Basil Leaves:
- Basil leaves for fevers and colds in Toddlers. How: Take a few leaves of basil, then kneaded with onions and coconut oil, lali applied to the abdomen, chest, and back, will overcome flatulence / colds and fever in children under five.

- Able to facilitate breastfeeding. Direct consumption / create salad leaves fresh basil is believed to prevent body odor and bad breath, and facilitate breastfeeding.

- Basil can delay menopause. The content of tryptophan substances could delay the basil leaves monopause. So multiply the consumption of basil if you want to delay the menopause mass.

- Basil can prevent infertility. Arginine substances in basil leaves can prevent infertility, male or female.

- Kill the fungus causes vaginal discharge. Content eugenolnya compound can kill the fungus causes vaginal discharge.

- Helps maturation egg (ovulation): Content of the basil stigmaasterol substance stimulates the maturation of the egg (ovulation).

- As Anti Inflammation. Substances cineole, myrcene and eugenol serves as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.

- Maintaining heart health. The content of beta-carotene and magnesium in the basil, which is an important mineral that serves to keep and maintain a healthy heart.

- Improve the function of the arteries (artery) in stroke patients. Content of the basil and the isoflavones found in legumes such as soy, beans, peas, can improve the function of the arteries (artery) in stroke patients.

- The leaves of basil proven to cure for headaches, colds, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal worms, and kidney disorders. Treatment using basil leaves, which can override heartburn, flatulence, colds, convulsions, lethargy and loss. In addition, the scent of basil can resist a mosquito bite.

Distilled basil used to address digestive disorders such as indigestion, vomiting, intestinal infections, stomach ulcers, and intestinal gas. Also, disorders of the head (such as ear pain, fever, sore nasal passages, migraine), musculoskeletal disorders (convulsions or cramps), and neurological disorders (anxiety, depression, hysteria, weak nerves, insomnia).

Many of the benefits that we get behind the fragrant basil leaves. Can be very lost if we do not consume a lot of basil leaves found around us. For those who do not like basil, from now on try to like to eat the leaves of basil. Because the benefits of basil leaves are very abundant. Read also eliminate blackheads without going to the salon. Hopefully useful always naturally healthy greetings.

Basil is not familiar to us. Frequently encountered in the traditional markets or on the shelves of a supermarket in the small bonds. The price is arguably relatively inexpensive. We used to buy it just for salad or as an aromatic spice in cooking. But did you know that basil has many health benefits?

In India and parts of Africa, common basil tea steeping steeping tea leaves served replace the original. Drinks are usually served at the turn of the season. When people susceptible to coughs, colds or fever.

Unlike in Europe, basil essential oil is refined and taken. Essential oil of basil is widely used as an ingredient for the manufacture of drugs or treatments such as soaps, prickly perfumes, body lotions, ointments, lozenges, and aromatherapy oils.

Essential oils of basil can be used for aromatherapy massage as basil essential oils to relieve and refresh your body. However, pregnant women are prohibited from using it because it feared could cause a miscarriage.

"In addition, basil oil efficacious overcome digestive disorders such as indigestion, vomiting, intestinal infections, stomach ulcers, and intestinal gas. Also, disorders of the head (such as ear pain, fever, sore nasal passages, migraine), musculoskeletal disorders (convulsions or cramps), and neurological disorders (anxiety, depression, hysteria, weak nerves, insomnia), "he explained.

If we encounter problems with body odor, bad breath, or milk jam, resolve to get used to eating fresh basil salad. "In the book A Dictionary of Practical Medical Materials, John Henry M. Mention, basil leaf extract efficacious cure diarrhea, breast pain, kidney stones, disorders of the vagina and can also cope albuminaria, namely the concentration of albumin in the urine, "said Dr. Natalia Emmy MS SpGK, Poly Nutrition Gatot Subroto Army Hospital.

In addition, basil proven to cure for headaches, colds, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal worms, and kidney disorders. They also argued kempuhan treatment using basil leaves, which can override heartburn, flatulence, colds, convulsions, lethargy and loss. In addition, the scent of basil can resist a mosquito bite. According to the list of Food Composition Nutrition Directorate Ministry of Health, including basil vegetables rich in provitamin A. Each 100 g basil leaves SI 5000 contained vitamin A. Another plus, basil including vegetables that contain a lot of minerals, calcium and phosphorus by 45 to 75 mg per 100 g basil leaves.

For men, there are also benefits basil. Compounds 1-8 sineol in basil can overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. Fenkhona apigenin and its eugenol can facilitate erections. While arginine substances contained in basil can strengthen the vitality of the sperm and prevent infertility.

"Basil contains many compounds are efficacious for the body. Arginine compounds in it proved to prolong the life of sperm, prevent sterility and lowers blood sugar levels. Basil also contains substances that can stimulate the production of androgens and estrogens, "he explained.

While for women basil including healthy foods that are beneficial. Anetol basil and boron-rich compounds that stimulate the hormone estrogen. While eugenolnya compounds can kill the fungus causes vaginal discharge. Stigmaasterol substances in basil stimulates the maturation of the egg (ovulation), tannin and tin reduce the secretion of vaginal fluid. Substances could delay menopause tryptophan.

"The benefits of basil can protect the body's cell structure. While cineole, myrcene and eugenol serves as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Basil is also rich in beta-carotene and magnesium, an essential mineral that serves to keep and maintain a healthy heart, "he explained.

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Fruits to Prevent Flu

Lately we are faced with extreme weather. At the hot, hot as hell, but when heavy rains and long stops. Well, the season is uncertain, as now, the flu usually become ill subscription. Although only the flu, but it is very annoying, to say that we should avoid the flu by eating fruits flu prevention.

It is no doubt that apples are one source of antioxidants which is quite popular nowadays. Antioxidants contained in one apple equal to 1500mg of vitamin C. In addition, apples are also loaded with protective flavonoids that are beneficial in preventing heart attacks and cancer.

With 250% RDA of vitamin C contained in papaya fruit was found to prevent the body's system of fever. The content of beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E in papayas reduce inflammation in the body and reduce the incidence of asthma.

Cranberries contain high antioxidants than fruits and vegetables in general. One dish of cranberries have five times more antioxidants than broccoli. Cranberry is a natural probiotic that helps increase the good bacteria in the body and protects it from diseases carried from food.

Pomelo loaded with vitamin C, besides pomelo contains natural compounds called Limonoids is beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels. Types of red grapefruit is an excellent source of potential to fight cancer because the content lycopennya.

Bananas become one of the highest sources of vitamin B6 as compared to other fruits. Bananas can reduce fatigue, depression, stress, and insomnia (trouble sleeping). Its high content of magnesium keep bones strong. While potassium helps prevent heart attacks and high blood pressure.

1. Containing Vitamin A 4x more than apples (per 100 grams)
2. Containing Vitamin C 5x more than the Citrus fruits (per 100 grams)
3. Rich in fiber which helps expedite bowel movement, improve and strengthen the digestive tract, and can cure dysentery.
4. Rich in antioxidants
5. Regular consumption can prevent cancer and heart disease.
6. Guaranteed not to be affected by cancer (dry bag) because the price is cheap.

Guava efficacy is not in doubt. People affected by dengue condition can quickly improve when regularly consumed Guava Juice. Prove it yourself!

Better consumption of fruits like guava and apple without juiced, because the biting and chewing the fruit is rich in fiber, can help remove tartar accumulation.

Types and Benefits Tea for Health

Tea is like an alarm reminder to start your day. Within a day, it was not enough we drank just one cup. Discover the variety of teas that provide numerous benefits to the body.

This popular drink can lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gum, stress, burn fat and help you lose weight. Lucky, the researchers are always finding new things about the health benefits of tea. A recent study suggests that drinking black tea may actually help the growth and repair of bone tissue layers.

"It sounds like you're growing old with a sweet manner. If it looks good and energetic is the orientation of your life rather than age, drinking green tea can expel abdominal fat. No wonder if the green tea is an important part of a diet and exercise program, "said Ani Bailey, founder

Here are five types of tea that are ready to provide health benefits for your body, as quoted Sheknows.

Green tea
Green tea is made from unfermented tea leaves that contained high concentrations of polyphenols. Green tea is often used to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, lower cholesterol, lose weight (especially belly fat). Green tea is also beneficial in lowering the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer's.

Black tea
The study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology showed evidence that black tea effectively lowers cortisol, a stress hormone.

"The study found that people who drank black tea will be reduced stress more quickly than those who drank other types of tea," said Bailey.

Furthermore, participants experienced a decrease in the level of cortisol in their blood after severe stress. The key, they consume black tea four times a day for six weeks. Black tea also can reduce the risk of cancer.

White tea
White tea is less well known, but not make it less healthy. White tea, particularly white tea extract shown to slow the growth of bacteria that cause Staphylococcus infections, Streptococcus infections, pneumonia and dental caries, and improve immune system function.

"According to Milton Schiffenbauer PhD, professor of microbiology and biology at Pace University's Dyson College of Arts & Sciences, antiviral and antibacterial effects of several brands of toothpaste is because extra white tea extract," added Bailey.

Oolong tea
Oolong tea is proven to encourage your metabolism, burn fat, helping you lose weight and maintain healthy skin.

"Women who drink two cups of oolong tea a day increases their metabolism approximately 157 percent more than women who drank green tea in the same amount," Bailey said as quoting a study published in the Journal of Medical Investigation.

Herbal tea
Herbal teas do not come from the Camillia sinensis (tea plant). Although not classified tea in a technical sense, herbal tea still offers many health benefits.

"According to the Food and Drug Association (FDA), herbal tea was amazing in terms of reducing stress, which is a risk factor for heart failure and premature aging," said Bailey.

Mixed with a variety of organic materials, such as berries and flower petals mawah, herbal tea can reduce stress, aid digestion, and have lots of antioxidants. We know that antioxidants are able to fight off free radicals that the body away from diseases including cancer.

Herbal teas do not contain caffeine. So, you can enjoy it all day until bedtime because tea is not going to mess up your night's sleep

Sunday, March 3, 2013

About Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E

The main function of the liver or liver is to filter out the toxins that exist in the blood. In addition, there are about 500 other functions of the liver. If someone is suffering from hepatitis, which is an inflammation of the liver or liver, can destroy the health of the person as a whole because the toxins remain deposited on the blood and impair or interfere with other organs. Another result is a heart that refuses blood flowing into high blood pressure and rupture of blood vessels

Damage to the liver or liver function can be caused by a person consumes excessive alcohol or because of work overload ingested toxins cause liver and liver become damaged. However, in most cases, hepatitis caused by a virus transmitted hepatitis.

Ada5 kinds of viral hepatitis are named in alphabetical order. Fifth virus is virushepatitis A (VHA), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis D virus (VHD) and hepatitis E (VHE). Viruses are constantly evolving and even thought there are at least three more viruses that can cause hepatitis ..

The virus that infects most people are HBV, causes hepatitis B. An estimated 1 in 3 people on earth ever infected. About 350 million live with the virus settles in the body and potentially infecting others. Approximately 78% of people with hepatitis override pendudukAsia and islands in the Pacific. This virus caused the death of at least 600,000 people per year.

Symptoms of Hepatitis
Some of the common symptoms of hepatitis are pain or pain in the right abdomen, weakness, nausea, fever and diarrhea. In some cases also found to be flu-like symptoms and jaundice which marked the skin and eyes look yellow. However, symptoms of hepatitis are not always apparent, especially in the case of most children.

The virus can move from one patient to healthy people. If the person's immune system is weak, the virus will infect a healthy person's body. Although actually, the virus can be cleaned by human antibodies themselves if their immune system is good.

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A virus commonly found in the feces of patients. The virus can live on the water or ice cubes. The way this virus is spread by drinking contaminated water VHA. It could also be due to eating foods that are not cooked properly so that the virus remains alive in the food or because people are not used to prepare food properly wash your hands first, but maybe there is a virus on the hands of hepatitis A. Not washing your hands after using the toilet also causes the virus exist in human feces is finally moving.

Hepatitis B
Transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV), usually through blood or body fluids such as saliva, vaginal fluid or semen that entered the bloodstream of healthy people. This is due to hepatitis B present in the blood and body fluids. Blood transfusion, blood on the razor, dental care, nail clippers, syringes or needles used for tattooing can move a small amount of blood infected with hepatitis. Even dried blood stains can infect others during the first weeks of the stick on an object. Another way the spread of this virus is carried away from the very womb of a mother who is infected and because of sex.

Hepatitis C
Pengindap hepatitis C is usually transmitted in a way that is similar to hepatitis B infection, but in most people is that syringe
Hepatitis C Treatment

Initial treatment should be immediately done so that patients can be cured, because the slower handled, the virus will further damage the liver and even cancer. However, sometimes because they do not show obvious symptoms, most people do not realize that the body has already dwells viral hepatitis and liver have become damaged.

Vaccinations can be given to someone to get antibodies from viral hepatitis A (VHA) and hepatitis B virus (HBV). However, to hepatitis C there is no vaccine to prevent it. Although one has not indicated this virus but the vaccine can prevent the virus from damaging the liver due to hepatitis symptoms may not begin until many years later. Particular vaccine should be given to children because their immune systems are weaker to clear hepatitis virus than adults.

If the condition of the liver is severely damaged, the choice is to do liver transplantation. However, it will be difficult because the donor liver was less than a waiting list of patients who need care.

Patients with hepatitis should eat nutritious food and sufficient rest so that the body is able to survive the virus and prevent the amount of virus to be more and more health menggeroti sufferers.

Nutrition and good rest must also be met for all, because it could have without our knowledge, the virus infects and attacks the liver or liver. However, the immune system is strong, the body will be able to handle this dangerous viral hepatitis.

Hepatitis A Cause And Handling
Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver. Hepatitis A is transmitted through the anus and mouth. Media penularanya contaminated food or water, or through direct contact with an infected person.

Diagnosis of Hepatitis A
Based on the signs / symptoms of the patient and confirmed by investigation, such as a blood test that showed IgM antibodies to hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A will have signs / symptoms unwell, fever, nausea, decreased appetite, stomach feels uncomfortable, followed by thick colored urine, pale stools, yellow eyes and skin disease (Yellow), the disease is usually continued for one up to three weeks. Although certain symptoms may continue for longer and almost always followed by a full recovery. Young children who are infected usually do not have symptoms as adults.

Hepatitis A does not cause long-term liver disease (chronic) and death from hepatitis A is rare. The time between contact with the virus and onset of symptoms is usually four weeks, but can range from two to seven weeks, the infected person can transmit the virus Hepatitis A virus to others from two weeks before the onset of symptoms until one week after onset of jaundice (approximately about three weeks in total).

A large amount of virus found in the stool (cirik) people infected during transmission. Hepatitis A is usually transmitted when the virus from an infected person to others through ingested, food and drink contaminated water, sheets and towels soiled with feces from an infected person with hepatitis A virus, Sexual Relations with an infected person can also contact with Hepatitis A. People who have suffered from Hepatitis A and have not been vaccinated are particularly at risk of contracting the disease.

Hepatitis A can be prevented by vaccination. This vaccine may take up to two weeks to provide perlindungan.Vaksinasi recommended for the following groups at high risk:

People who visited countries where hepatitis A is common (mostly developing countries).
People who frequent visits to indigenous communities in remote areas luarkotadan
- Men who have sex with men
- Officer daytime child care and preschool
- Some health care workers who work in the Health Service
- Injecting drug users
- Patients suffering from chronic liver disease

How to prevent hepatitis A.
Everyone should always wash hands thoroughly with soap and running water for at least 10 seconds and dried with a clean towel. Hand washing can be done as follows:
- After using the toilet
- Before eating
- Before preparing food or drinks

Prevention can be done by people with hepatitis A, as well as washing hands thoroughly is a must stay away from the following activities at least a week after the onset of the disease, signs and symptoms:

- Do not prepare food or drinks for others
- Do not use utensils or drinking the same tools with others
- Do not use the same sheets and towels with others
- Do not have sex
- Wash utensils in soapy water, and wash sheets and towels with washing machine.

Following people who have hepatitis A should not attend work or school while infectious:

People who control the food or drink at home or restaurant ladder.
People whose work involves close personal contact, such as child care workers and health workers.
Staff, children and adolescents should not attend daycare facility or school when infectious
All patients should consult with a health care deal before returning to work, school or daily activities.

There is no specific treatment for hepatitis A. Household contacts with a sexual partner can transmit the disease, usually require immunoglobulin injections. The drug can prevent or lessen the disease if given within two weeks of contact with an infectious person.

Conclusions About Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A is an infectious disease that can be prevented and treated. Hepatitis A virus can infect humans through anal-oral route. If someone is diagnosed with Hepatitis A, good prevention is rest, avoid contact with others and consume nutritious foods to increase endurance, and avoid fatty and oily foods to avoid nausea and vomiting. Then, the appropriate therapy program.

Hepatitis B
Is a liver disease caused by the 'Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), a member Hepadnavirus that can cause acute or chronic inflammation of the liver that in a minority of cases may continue to be ironic or liver cancer, initially known as serum hepatitis and has become an epidemic in parts of Asia and Africa, hepatitis B has become endemic in China and Asian Countries berbagao

Causes of Hepatitis was not merely virus drug poisoning and exposure to a wide range of chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride, chlorpromazine, chloroform, arsenic, phosphorus, and other substances that are used as medicine in the modern industry, can also cause hepatitis chemical substances may be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin of the patient. Neutralize the toxins circulating in the blood is the work of the heart. If a lot of toxic chemicals into the body, the liver could be damaged so that it can no longer neutralize other poisons.

Diagnosis of Hepatitis B
Compared to the HIV virus, Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a hundred times more virulent (infectious), and ten times more (frequently) to transmit. Most of the symptoms of Hepatitis B is not real.

Chronic Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by chronic nekroinflamasi by persistent hepatitis B virus infection. Chronic hepatitis B is characterized by positive HBsAg (> 6 months) in the serum, high levels of HBV DNA and the process of chronic liver nekroinflamasi. Inactive HBsAg carrier is defined as persistent HBV infection without nekroinflamasi heart. While exacerbation of chronic hepatitis B is a clinical condition characterized by an increase in intermittent ALT> 10 times the upper limit of normal values ​​(BANN). Diagnosis of chronic hepatitis B infection based on serology, virology markers, biochemical and histological. In serology, examination is recommended for the diagnosis and evaluation of chronic hepatitis B infection: HBsAg, HBeAg, anti-HBe and HBV DNA (4,5). Virological examination, performed to measure the amount of serum HBV DNA is very important because it can describe the level of viral replication biochemical examination are important for determining therapeutic decisions are ALT levels. Elevated levels of ALT kroinflamasi describe the activity. Therefore, it is considered as a predictive examination histological. Patients with ALT levels indicating nekroinflamasi process is more severe than the normal ALT. Patients with normal ALT levels have a poor serologic response in antiviral therapy. Therefore, patients with normal ALT levels considered not to be treated, unless the results of histological examination showed active nekroinflamasi process. While the purpose of histological examination is to assess the degree of liver damage, liver disease diagnosis aside other, determine prognosis and management of anti-viral.

In general, symptoms of Hepatitis B light. Symptoms may include lost appetite, abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, mild fever, sometimes accompanied by joint pain and swelling in the right upper abdomen. After one week there will be major symptoms as the whites of the eyes appear yellow, whole body skin is yellow and tea-colored urine. Ada3 possibility given immune response by the body against Hepatitis B virus post-acute period. The first possibility, if an adequate immune response, there will be clearing the virus, the patient recovered. Second, if the immune response is weak then the patient will be inactive carrier. Third, if the body's response is intermediate (between two of the above), the disease continues to develop into chronic hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B is a form of hepatitis is more serious than other types of hepatitis. Hepatitis B can happen to everyone from all age groups. Adabeberapa things can cause Hepatitis B virus is transmitted.

Vertically, vertical transmission occurs from mother who suffered from hepatitis B virus to the baby is born during labor or immediately after delivery.

Horizontally, can occur due to the use of contaminated syringes, ear piercing, acupuncture, blood transfusion, use of razors and toothbrushes together (only if the patient has oral disease (canker sores, bleeding gums, etc.) or injury that issued blood) and sexual contact with patients.

As anticipated, usually against the blood received from donors will be in the first test if the blood received by reactive to Hepatitis, and HIV Sipili.

Indeed, not all positive Hepatitis B to be feared. From the results of blood tests, can be revealed if there is a history ever had and now are immune, or even the virus is gone. For couples who want to marry, it never hurts to check their partner for menenularan disease.

Hepatitis caused by a viral infection causing liver cells damaged that it can not function properly. In general, the liver cells can grow back a little residual damage, but healing takes many months with a good diet and rest.

Acute hepatitis B usually recover, only 10% to chronic Hepatitis B (chronic) and may progress to liver cirrhosis or cancer hati.Saat there are several treatments that can be done for chronic Hepatitis B can increase the opportunities for someone with this disease. Treatment is available in the form of antivirals such as lamivudine and adefovir and immune system modulators such as InteAlfa (Uniferon)

In addition, there is also a traditional medicine to do. Medicinal plants or herbs that can be used to prevent and help treat them has the effect of hepatitis as hepatoprotektor, which protects the liver from the effects of toxic substances that can damage liver cells, is also anti-inflammatory, and khloretik kolagogum, which increases the production of bile by the liver. Several types of herbs that can be used for the treatment of hepatitis, among others, turmeric (Curcuma xanthorrhiza), turmeric (Curcuma longa), bitter (Andrographis paniculata), meniran (Phyllanthus urinary), leaf drawstring / mirten, wood fungus / lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum ), the roots of weeds (Imperata cyllindrica), pearl grass (Hedyotis corymbosa), gotu kola (Centella asiatica), fruit gardenia (Gardenia augusta), noni (Morinda citrifolia), handsome (Taraxacum

officinale). besides that there are also other alternative treatments such as Hepatitis B From Wikipedia hijamah / cupping can cure all diseases hepatitis, if done correctly and with medical standards.

Hepatitis C Disease
Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV = hepatitis C virus). Hepatitis C virus entry into liver cells, using the genetic machinery of the cell to duplicate the Hepatitis C virus, and infect other cells.

15% of cases of Hepatitis C infection is acute, meaning that the body automatically cleaned and no consequences. Unfortunately 85% of cases, hepatitis C infection becomes chronic and slowly damages the liver for years. In time, the liver can be damaged to cirrhosis (hardening of the liver), end-stage liver disease and liver cancer.

Causes of Hepatitis C
Hepatitis means swelling of the hati.Banyak kind of virus hepatitis C. In many cases, the virus enters the body, begins to live in the liver cells, disrupt the normal activity of the cell, and then using the genetic machinery of the cell to duplicate the Hepatitis C virus and then infect other healthy cells.

If you have people with hepatitis C, it is important to eat healthy foods and avoid alcohol. Alcohol can worsen damage your heart, whether you are in treatment or not.

One of the common symptoms of Hepatitis C is chronic fatigue. Fatigue can also be a side effect of treatment of Hepatitis C. Fatigue caused by Hepatitis C can be treated with adequate rest and perform a routine exercise.

Hepatitis C virus is very good at changing her quickly. Today there are at least six major types of hepatitis C virus (often called genotypes) and more than 50 subtypes.

This is the reason why the body can not effectively fight the virus and the research has not been able to make a vaccine against hepatitis C virus Genotype does not determine how severe and how quickly the disease progression of Hepatitis C, but certain genotypes may not respond as well as others in treatment.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C
Often people who suffer from hepatitis C have no symptoms, although infection has occurred for many years.

If symptoms below there are probably vague:
- Tired
- Missing appetite
- Abdominal pain
- Urine becomes dark
- Yellow skin or eyes (called "jaundice") are rare

In some cases, hepatitis C can lead to an increase in certain enzymes in the liver, which can be detected in a routine blood test. However, some patients with chronic hepatitis C had liver enzyme levels or normal fluctuations.

Even so, it is necessary to test if you think you are at risk of contracting hepatitis C or if you have come into contact with contaminated people or objects. The only way to identify the disease is a blood test.
Transmission of Hepatitis C

Transmission of Hepatitis C is usually through direct contact with blood or its products and needles or other sharp instruments contaminated. In many daily activities such as risk of Hepatitis C infection, bleeding cuts or bleeding, or menstrual blood. Personal equipment exposed to contact by the patient can transmit Hepatitis C virus (such as toothbrushes, razors or manicure tools). Risk of Hepatitis C infection through sexual intercourse was higher in people who have more than one partner.

Transmission of Hepatitis C is rare to mothers infected with Hepatitis C to a newborn or other family members. However, if the mother is also HIV positive, the risk of transmitting hepatitis C is more likely. Breastfeeding does not transmit Hepatitis C.

If you have Hepatitis C, you can not transmit hepatitis C to others through hugs, handshakes, sneezing, coughing, sharing eating utensils and drinking, regular contact, or other contacts who are not exposed to the blood. A person infected with Hepatitis C can be spread to others 2 weeks after infection on her.

Handling and Treatment of Hepatitis C

Currently, the treatment of Hepatitis C do with drugs such as interferon alpha, pegylated interferon alpha and ribavirin. The goal of treatment is to eliminate the Hepatitis C virus from the body, perhaps to prevent the development of worsening and end stage liver disease. Treatment of patients with hepatitis C require a long time even in certain patients it can not be helped, it is necessary to redress the beginning stage.

Hepatitis D
Hepatitis D, also called delta virus, is a defective virus that needs the hepatitis B virus rescue for that breed only found in people who are infected with hepatitis B. Hepatitis D virus (HDV) is the least common but most dangerous of all viral hepatitis.

The pattern of transmission of hepatitis D is similar to hepatitis B. It is estimated about 15 million people worldwide are affected by hepatitis B (HBsAg +) are also infected with hepatitis D. Hepatitis D infection can occur simultaneously (coinfection) or after a person has chronic hepatitis B (superinfection).

People affected by hepatitis B and hepatitis D may have a serious acute illness and a higher risk of acute liver failure. People affected by hepatitis D superinfection usually develop chronic hepatitis D infection most likely (70% D-80%) to cirrhosis.

There is no vaccine for hepatitis D, but with the hepatitis B vaccination then automatically you will be protected from this virus because HDV can not live without HBV.

Hepatitis E
Hepatitis E is similar to hepatitis A. Hepatitis E virus (HEV) transmitted through human feces into her mouth and spreads through contaminated food or drink. The highest rate of infection of hepatitis E occurred in the area of ​​bad bersanitasi that support transmission of the virus.

Hepatitis E cause an acute illness but does not cause chronic infection. In general, patients with hepatitis E recover without long-term illness. In some very small percentage of patients (1-4%), especially in pregnant women, hepatitis E causes of acute liver failure is dangerous. There is currently no vaccine for hepatitis E, which is available commercially. You can only prevent this through the application of good hygiene standards.